The key conclusion based on this evidence is that:

  • Derek was last seen at 12:02am 8/6/14 heading northbound on Alvarado on foot, without a bag of any kind.
  • He did not walk to the intersection of Glendale and Alvarado st, and likely found public transportation between the intersections of Alvarado/sunset and Glendale/Alvarado st.


A few pertinent questions:

  1. Iphone/ipad: We have accounted for his ipad, iphone, and computer. Forensics have been run and all significant leads/locations followed up on. No significant findings.
  2. Wilshire Apartment—he had dropped off keys and paid Friend back early: From his gmail account, there was a transaction of $2999 using a social payment app, to pay a friend back. This was a loan that was given to Derek to pay for med school.
  3. Von’s $200 withdrawal: Derek had a $200 withdrawal at approx 10:35 at a Von’s. This was highly unusual because Derek usually doesn’t carry much cash around.


all LA County and surrounding county facilities have been monitored and monitored every 24 hours for both John Does and Derek Seehausen.

Did he take a taxi?

iPhone records of calls have not found an unknown taxi call. It is thought that he may have walked to the Von’s location while heading N on Alvarado at 12:01am 8/6/14 to find a public phone to call a cab and pay cash. There is a taxi dispatch on South Alvarado that would have been the source of the taxi, but no Taxi was seen between 12:01AM 8/6/14 and 6AM 8/6/14

Did he have any drugs from the hospital?  

There is daily accounting of all drugs using in the operating rooms at hospitals at Los Angeles county. It is unlikely that Derek could have taken a significant amount of drugs during his two days as an anesthesiology medical student

Could he have gone to Mexico/International locations? 

Because Derek did not have his passport, we did not suspect that a flight was possible, but it might be that he headed towards Mexico with the intention of never returning. Its possible to enter Mexico without a passport, but he cannot return without one.

What about apps like Uber, dating apps, etc?: 

We have access all apps currrent and deleted on his electronics without any significant findings

Was there a suicide not or some sign he was suicidal?

No. there was an erroneous report early on in the process that suggested this, but have located all files on his computer, room, and email accounts. there was no suicide note.

Where there drugs involved? 

Per Thomas Martin, former DEA Agent and Principle Investigator of this search: “there was no credible evidence that there was anything more than recreational use for a young healthy man”

What other places did he like to go?

  • Santa Barbara:Derek did an internal medicine rotation in Santa Barbara July 2014
  • Palm Springs: Did family medicine rotation in Palm springs Feb 2014
  • San Francisco: was scheduled for SF anesthesia rotation in late September/early October
  • Atlanta: Scheduled for an anesthesia rotation in October
  • Half Dome:  Climbed 6/22. Climbed with sandals and minimal supplies.
  • Cambria and Palm Springs Homes:  One of Derek’s friends from medical school, has family homes in Palm Springs and Cambria, near Big Sur California. Our friends group often visits these homes for group outings, “Friendsgivings” etc. They were checked on 8/11/14 via the neighbors and no one was in these homes

The Map

Near Bonnie Brae and Sunset Blvd

Location Notes
1 Negative
2 Derek did not appear heading East on Sunset Blvd between 12:01am-6am 8/6/14
3 Negative
4 Negative
5 Negative

Sunset and Alvarado

Location Notes
6 Negative
7  Negative
8 Negative
9 Negative
C 10:34:42pm Derek Seen driving to Von’s heading west on sunset, then Right on Alvarado to Von’s in his car11:59:13 footage obtained verifying Derek based on footwear. Seen walking on foot alone North on Alvarado st.
D Derek Seen walking west on sunset, then crossing street Northbound on Alvarado
E Derek seen walking northbound on Alvarado at approx. 12:02 8/6/14. Seen walking alone with 2 Jackets, shoes, and shorts. Not carrying bag. Last known sighting. 


 Northbound on Alvarado

Location Notes
10 Negative
A/B Von’s—see timeline
11 Negative
12 Negative
13 Negative
14 Negative
15 Negative
16 Negative

N Alvarado and Glendale Intersection

Location Notes
17 Negative
18 Negative
19 Negative
20 Negative
21 Negative
22 Negative
23 Negative
G Footage obtained of Glendale/Alvarado intersection. Derek does not appear between 12am-6am
F Footage obtained of Glendale/Alvarado intersection. Derek does not appear between 12am-6am

Glendale Blvd /Effie St

Location Notes
24  Negative
25 Negative
H Images obtained showing western sidewalk of Glendale Blvd. No Derek seen between 12am-6am
I Images obtained showing eastern sidewalk of Glendale Blvd. No Derek seen between 12am-4am 
26 Negative


Entrance to the 2 Highway & Other

Location Notes
27 Negative
J Negative

Montana and Glendale St

Location Notes
28 Negative
29 Negative
30 Negative
31 Negative
32 Negative
33 Negative
X, Y Z: Footage from Buses. Negative ( not available after 3 days)


Missing USC Student Possibly Spotted on Metro Bus

Missing USC Student Possibly Spotted on Metro Bus

NBC: Family: Bus Surveillance Images Might Show Missing USC Student

Potential Sighting Ignites Search for Missing USC Med Student