Left: Derek Seehausen Center: Wearing plaid shorts, maroon shirt, sneakers. Right: Last seen walking North on Alvarado with 2 layers of overlaying hoodie and Jacket




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A new tip and a call for help

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Today, we have a very significant lead from a fellow USC student A man who looked like Derek with a full beard was spotted in in Northern California, near where the…

One year in. From Mary to Derek

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Hi Friend, It's been almost a year since you've been gone. A lot has changed. You can't find me at CVT in unit 1302 baking up a batch of s’mores…

One Year in

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Derek has been missing for one year now. One year ago, friends, family, and myself spent every minute in what felt like an impossible struggle to searching for Derek. With the gracious…

Happy Birthday Derek

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Derek, Happy birthday! Wherever you are, and however you may be today, you're loved by your friends and family. We miss you, and we love you dearly. I'm sitting here…


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