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Today, we have a very significant lead from a fellow USC student
A man who looked like Derek with a full beard was spotted inĀ in Northern California, near where the 395/203 highways meet
Is anyone out there able to help put posters and flyers up in the following places near where we received this tip?
  • June Lake (resort town)
  • Lee Vining
  • Bridgeport
  • Carson City
  • Reno (closest REI)
  • Bishop
  • Lone Pine
  • Big Pine
  • Olancha
  • Independence

While its almost been a year and a half from the time we last saw Derek, we do think the weight of the person who gave us this tip means we are obligated to follow up. We’re asking anyone who may be in the area or near by who can help please contact us at

so that we can coordinate a follow up to this significant lead

Thank you!

-Help Find Derek team

We would be eternally grateful!

As it happens, there is a livestream camera in the area


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