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5 Years Later: Derek is still loved, and we still miss him

”Do you see how many people's lives you touched and how loved you are? We miss you. Come back and share your adventures with us and meet the new little ones that have joined the world since you left. Love and miss you every minute of every day. Jean Gadra Its hard to believe that 5 years later, Derek Seehausen is still missing. We have not had new significant updates since 2016, but what we have seen in the interim is an outpouring of support, love and memories that we will all always hold dear. His facebook page is a monument to the amazing mark he left on us all, and even though he is still missing five years later, he is not missing in our hearts nor our memories. This site will continue, in perpetuity, to serve as a home and beacon for the efforts to Help Find Derek. In the meantime, wonderful investigators have taken up the cause in assistance. created a faithful retelling of the events during the week of Derek’s disappearance. We urge you to listen and tell the story about Derek. Our eyes and ears will always still be on the lookout. created a 25,000 reward for locating Derek Seehausen. We urge anyone with tips to let us know. Derek will always be with us, and personally, with me. Derek's vibrance for life inspires me every day. His patience and kindness has always pushed me to be kinder, more giving, and more loving. His legacy will always continue not just through me but all the countless lives that he touched, the hundreds and thousands of friends who helped support the effort to find him, who remind us they love him on his Facebook wall. Today, I urge everyone to do something kind in memory...
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