25 y.o. Hollywood Hills body is NOT Derek

Hi all, The family and team were made aware of a report regarding a 25 year old male found in an abandoned water and electricity plant in Hollywood Hills yesterday 8/21 at approx 3pm. The family contacted the Morgue and confirmed that this was not Derek. Our thoughts and prayers, however, do go out to the family-it is heartbreaking. Best Derek’s team

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Update Last seen Information

Hi Everyone, New information. We believe he was last seen on foot heading North on Alvarado St in Echo Park. He was wearing: Plain, Black Hoodie with plaid shorts, colorful tennis shoes, and a black jacket over the black hoodie at 12:01pm 08/6/2014 At this point, we are assuming that he is still alive and in the wilderness wearing these same clothes.

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Hi all, a few quick updates while we’re working. Apologies for not having more during the day, as we’re working pretty hard Thank you for all the updates about hiking locations, etc, that may be of interest. Please continue to send that to us If anyone thinks they saw Derek between the hours of 12:01am and 5:00AM at Union Station, Greyhound stops, or other public transportation stops, please let us know We are updating a thorough list of places that have been checked throughout today as people email us. Please DO NOT text Derek if you have his phone number, as we are running data on the phone Any usage of his accounts at this point are us, as we have full account access We do have a last known location but we are still locating a key person for more information. When we do, we will update everyone on this location for witnesses. I know that’s not much but we will have more updates and photos soon.

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