Last whereabouts

Hi all I wanted to give a bit more information about what we’re doing to find Derek as well as a bit more information that hopefully may be useful for any tips you may have. We know that on Tuesday evening, Derek was last seen in the Echo Park area. He was on foot and was wearing the following   LAPD, USC DPS have been working with us since 5pm 8/8/14 and we have been working around the clock to find him. Please keep in mind there are some details that are sensitive at this time, so please work with us to make sure we fulfill our #1 goal, which is finding Derek. Here is what you can do -We have flyers available for anyone who is willing to put them in places of interest, particularly places relating to nature (campgrounds), and transportation. Please see the attached file for the official PDF. -Please get in touch with us ( if you would like to help in this regard. MISSING PERSON_FINAL_updated Thanks so much

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Hi all, We will be posting periodic updates here. Again, please contact DPS or if you have any idea the whereabouts of Derek after 8/5/2014   Thank you

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